Who We Are

Working hand-in-hand with the Great Start Collaborative members, The Great Start Family Coalition (GSFC) consists of parents and caregivers of children under 12. The GSFC is dedicated to informing and seeking input for early childhood initiatives, and helping families raise children who are supported and prioritized. Every coalition meeting encourages families to share stories, participate in workshops, and advocate for assistance at the community, county, and state level.

If you meet the criteria, we urge you to join! Families know best what they need in terms of information, parenting education, and support, and you can provide the best advice on how to connect with other families and provide information. Take action. Speak up. And discover how influential you can be today!

Amanda Johnson-Family Liaison

Lucy Villanueva-Family Liaison

What We Do

  • Build social connections with other adults who “get it” in a laid back atmosphere

  • Training opportunities

  • Assist in the Great Start Collaborative work

  • Be a voice of change

  • Increase knowledge of child development